Middle School Cafeteria, or Art Gallery?

Will you be at the Visitor Studies Association conference this year in Indianapolis? 

I will! I'm bringing along a poster on my Master's thesis, and might try to convince you that a contemporary art gallery without well planned interpretation for visitors is like an unsupervised middle school cafeteria. It's just a bad idea, and somebody's gonna get hurt. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration. But why risk it, right? 

Find my poster, glance at the pretty colors, and try to stump me with questions like:

How do visitors connect (or don't) with contemporary art?

What can we do to eliminate barriers for casual (infrequent) museum-goers?

Who has the hardest time with contemporary art, and why? 

Come and check it out, and you might even walk away with my lunch money...


P.S. Can't make it to VSA? Did you go to VSA and miss my poster!? (Say it's not so!) Do you think my analogy is completely devoid of context? (Ironic, eh?) Not to fear. I'll update with a post that gives away ALL THE ANSWERS! Hang tight.