Lauren Holley

I have a passion for helping museums and informal educators inspire learning and build understanding. With an M.A. in Educational Psychology and a portfolio in Museum Studies,  my favorite projects are ones which help visitors make connections to their own lives, tackle a new topic or activity with confidence, or stir deeper thought and broaden awareness.

Working with museums, zoos, aquariums, and non-profits means I am always learning alongside my clients. Although I am based in Houston, Texas, I have worked with institutions across the country. My clients seek evaluation and strategic visioning for programs, exhibits, and, quite simply, to answer questions they’ve always wondered. I’d love to get to know your institution, your audience needs, and help you shed light on the areas where you need more information.

Like the range of institutions I partner with, my projects have developed a broad variety of technical skill. In most projects, I use a mixed quantitative and qualitative approach, tailor data collection to be inconspicuous or — dare I say it— enjoyable for participants, and get clients involved in interpretation of the results. Each project is custom designed to hone in on the most important priorities of your institution.


  • evaluation planning and instrument development

  • on-site data collection and training

  • qualitative and quantitative analysis

  • action-oriented reporting

  • evaluation capacity building workshops

  • strategic visioning and community listening

  • process evaluation and project documentation


Lauren serves on the Professional Development Committee for the Visitor Studies Association and co-leads the Emerging Museum Professionals group of Houston.